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   Registration No. 2702-2011-2012
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Office Bearers

The affairs of the Academy shall be managed by a Governing Council. The following are the names, address and occupations of the present Governing Council:-

Dr. Aseem Prakash Tikku
Founder President

Mobile: +91-9839026733
Email: crown_tikku@yahoo.com

Dr. Anil Chandra
Founder Secretary

Mobile: +91-9415029863
Email: ahanachandra@yahoo.com

  • Dr. Tarun Kumar Gaur
    Permanent Members

    Mobile: +91-9935588365

  • Dr. Raj Kumar
    Permanent Member

    Mobile: +91-9335362883

  • Dr. Arun Kumar Verma
    Permanent Member

    Mobile: +91-9839747440

  • Dr. W. Bruce Lee
    Permanent Member

    Mobile: +91-9935593702
  • Dr. Aruna Giri
    Permanent Member

    Mobile: +91-9208036273

  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav

    Mobile: +91-9415281156

  • Dr. Ramesh Chandra
    Permanent Member

    Mobile: +91-9415022298

The Governing Council's Founder President and Founder Secretary shall be permanent members till such time that they voluntarily resign or are not alive. The other members of Governing Council shall have a term of three years and will be re nominated by the Founder President and Founder Secretary after every 3 years.