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   Registration No. 2702-2011-2012
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Membership Membership Registration Form

The membership of the Academy shall be of five categories:

Full Member: Dentists registered in India under The Dentists Act, 1948, practicing dentistry or otherwise engaged in dentistry work such as teaching or research and holding a postgraduate qualification in any specialty of dentistry, shall be eligible for full membership. He/she may belong to any one of the two categories:

  • Annual Member: Member paying his fees annually.
  • Life Member: Member who has paid life subscription equivalent to 10 times annual subscription

Associate Member: Person registered in India under The Dentists Act, 1948 and engaged in the practice of branches of dentistry science auxiliary to dentistry or who is a bona fide postgraduate student in any specialty of dentistry is eligible to become associate member.

He can only be an Annual Member.

Honorary Member:
A person considered suitable and desirable by the Governing Council may be enrolled as Honorary Member (subject to Rule 6)

Overseas Member:
Dental practitioner registered in countries other than India and practicing the science and art of dentistry shall be eligible for membership of this category. He should hold postgraduate qualification in any specialty of dentistry. He may be Annual or Life member.

Senior Member:
Annual Full member who has attained the age of 60 years and 25 years of continuous Membership may opt for becoming senior member.